North Atlantic Forum

The North Atlantic Forum was created through the Island Studies Programme (1994-1998) of the University of Prince Edward Island and held its inaugural conference in 1998. It remains an informal network of researchers, regional policy-makers and practitioners from the North Atlantic region. The North Atlantic Forum facilitates the sharing of research and best practices in regional development and governance, and supports community, industry and government exchanges across the North Atlantic region for increased collaboration and partnership.

North Atlantic Forum conferences are held biennially:

2015 – Building Resilient Communities: Innovation, Culture and Governance in Place (

2013 – Rural Tourism: Challenges in Changing Times ( Held in Hólar, Iceland in partnership with Rural Tourism Department of Holar University College, Iceland. June 2013.

2011 – Culture, Place and Identity at the Heart of Regional Development ( Held in partnership with the Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation (CRRF), the Small Islands Cultural Research Initiative (SICRI) and Memorial University. St. John’s, October 2011.

2009 – Bridging Regional Divides: New Forms of Rural and Urban Interaction in the North( Held in partnership with the Centre for Regional and Tourism Research, Denmark. Bornholm, September 2009.

2007 – Energy from the Edge: Opportunities for Cooperation Around the North Atlantic RimHosted by the Shetland Islands Council in partnership with the North Atlantic Forum (NAF), North Atlantic Cooperation (NORA) and the International Society for the Study of Marginal Regions. Shetland Islands, September 2007.

2006 – Creative Solutions for Coastal Communities ( Held in Partnership with NORA, Harris Centre and SmartLabrador Inc. Lanse au Clair, October 2006.

2004 – Big Lessons from Small Places: Governance in Rural North America and the North Atlantic Rim ( Joint initiative between NAF, the Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation, the Island Studies Program, the Twillingate-New World Island Development Association and the Twillingate Island Tourism Association. Twillingate, 2004.

2002 – The Warp, the Woof and the Fabric: Interweaving Culture, Politics and Economy in Small Islands. Partnership of NAF, Community Economic Development Institute, University College of Cape Breton, and artsCape Breton. Sydney, NS, September 2002.

2000 – Opportunity and Action in a Knowledge-Driven Economy: New Lessons from the Edge.Hosted by Memorial University of Newfoundland and the College of the North Atlantic. Corner Brook, September 2000.