Institute of Island Studies

IIS-stained-glass.300px-wideThe Institute of Island Studies’ Advisory Board has adopted a four-point mandate:

  • To encourage a deep knowledge, understanding, and expression of Prince Edward Island;
  • To serve as a bridge between the University and Island communities;
  • To contribute to the formulation of public policy in Prince Edward Island;
  • To undertake comparative studies of Prince Edward Island and other islands.

Since its founding in June 1985, the principal activity of the Institute has been the initiation and co-ordination of research projects and public engagement activities. Areas of special interest have included Island culture, sustainable development, land use, and the knowledge economy. The topics dealt with have ranged from the present state of the Gaelic language on Prince Edward Island to a profile of traditional agricultural practices.

In partial fulfillment of its public policy mandate, the Institute organizes public forums and lectures on major contemporary issues such as environmental policy, water quality, land use, economic development, and electoral reform.

The publisher associated with the IIS, Island Studies Press, features books, videos, reports, and brochures. A special component is the Island Studies Series, short monographs dealing with aspects of culture and environment of Prince Edward Island. The Institute also sponsors workshops, seminars, and conferences.

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