Community Tours

As part of the Building Community Resilience Conference participants will have the opportunity to participate in one of three community tours. The community tours are an opportunity to explore how communities and regions in Prince Edward Island are becoming more resilient. The tours will take place during the afternoon of September 18 and are included in the price of registration. During the registration process you will be asked to identity your tour preference.


Environmental Resilience: Community Watersheds

Kensington North Watersheds Association (KNWSA), a community based watershed group, is working towards resolving local issues related to maintaining ample supplies of clean water, soil conservation, enhancing fish and wildlife habitat, addressing climate change issues, and reducing nitrates in surface water and groundwater. KNWSA is one of many similar grass-roots watershed groups on PEI that function effectively, and is a case study in how well-managed community groups, working with a variety of different organizations including government, academia, and the private sector, give hope for sustainable communities. Participants will travel from Summerside to Kensington to explore how residents are striving for land and water resilience, have an opportunity to connect with local leaders, and engage in a townhall forum. Transportation to Kennington is provided.


Economic and Cultural Resilience: Evangeline Region

The Evangeline Region of Prince Edward Island (on the southwestern shore) is well-known for its Acadian culture and language, and for tying its cultural renaissance to economic activity. Community leaders have created museums that highlight the unique Acadian region, worked to preserve the music culture in the region, and have created numerous co-operatives that ensure that people are working together. Participants will travel from Summerside through the Evangeline region on a guided bus tour and will have the opportunity to disembark in different locations throughout the region and meet with members of the Evangeline community. Transportation will be provided. 

Indigenous Resilience: Lennox Island

Lennox Island, on the northwest coast, is home to part of Prince Edward Island’s Mi’kmaq community. They are a bridged community that has remained in place for generations, maintaining their cultural heritage and attracting visitors to both the Lennox Island Mi’kmaq Cultural Centre and St. Anne’s Church. They also have a system for social and ceremonial fishing that allows them to maintain traditional access to their fisheries. Participants will travel from Summerside to Lennox Island to meet with community members and observe the ways that the community has responded to changes. Transportation will be provided.